RAAH. Fest 2020 - Below are the 20 charities/organisations who are benefiting financially from this year's event. We are so grateful for what they have done for thousands, even millions of young people across the globe.


This our time to give back to them!  

“Help Refugees/Choose Love was born from a movement that shows in the face of apathy and injustice, we don’t have to stand by and watch."

- Help Refugees

“Our mission at The Worldwide Tribe is to highlight the humanity behind world issues, inspire global community and have a legacy of positive social change. We want to connect people all over the globe in one community of international citizens; The Worldwide Tribe' 

- The World Wide Tribe

“Our mission is to improve the lives of vulnerable refugees and migrants by relieving destitution and improving well-being through increased resilience.”

- The Birch Network

“We started Migrant Voice because there was a huge debate taking place without us. We wanted to speak for ourselves and support other migrants to speak out too.”

- Migrant Voice

“Everyone has a right to education. If you can’t go to school, then maybe school can come to you.”

- School Bus Project

“Today's students are tomorrow’s leaders and STAR students campaign for a future where Britain provides a truly safe haven for people fleeing persecution.”

- Student Action for Refugees

“Our aim is to see a more representative world through tackling both social change and systems change by working with communities and companies.”

- GirlDreamer

“Reach Up Youth works to empower young people using youth leadership programmes,
helping to divert the attention from gang crime and anti-social behaviour.”

- Reach Up Youth

“Diamond You Projects is an innovative and transparent organisation. We believe in delivering engaging educational content with a real and raw perspective." 

- Diamond You Projects

“Element empowers young people to change their communities, raise their own aspirations and become role models to their peers.”

- Element Society

“Everyone has a right to education.

If you can’t go to school, then maybe school can come to you.”

- We Shine Together

“Our Vision is for all children and young people to have access to relevant, high-quality education as a basic human right.”

- KnownValuedLoved

“One of the things that I think is missing in the world is committed and passionate people who want systemic change anywhere there is injustice.”

- Solve: The CYVC

“From supporting young people who are out of work back into jobs, to providing training and mentorship to budding entrepreneurs, we can remove barriers that young people face today to give them a brighter future tomorrow.”

- Prince's Trust

“Our mission is to disrupt the global business of human trafficking, creating an environment which poses high risk and low profit for traffickers.”

- Stop the Traffik

“The Snowdrop project supports survivors of human trafficking and modern slavery in Sheffield and South Yorkshire. ”

- Snowdrop Project

“We strive to work for and directly alongside migrant domestic workers to amplify their voices and better improve protections for them.”

- Kalayaan

“Phone Credit for Refugees is a humanitarian response organisation set up by ordinary people – volunteers who give their time freely to help refugees feel safer by providing mobile phone top-ups.”

- Phone Credit 4 Refugees

“UK Youth is a national voice for the youth sector. We support the 5,500 local youth organisations who belong to the UK Youth Movement by sharing best practice, delivering training for youth workers and advocating on behalf of the sector to drive investment and support."

- UK Youth

“The Friends of Mikey Powell Campaign for Justice was established by the family of Michael Lloyd Powell (known as Mikey) following his tragic death whilst in the custody of West Midlands Police. ”

- National Memorial Family Fund

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