How can I watch the festival?

We are looking into multiple ways of streaming, via local TV channels, Youtube and Facebook. RAAH Fest is a FREE online event, making it as accessible as possible for all.

Will I be able to watch the videos after the festival?

YES! Both on our website & on our official RAAH Fest Youtube page

Where can I get help if I’ve been affected by any of the issues RAAH is supporting

We are here for you!! Talking 'Reality about Humanity' can be prettyyyy hard. So check out: Let's get through this together! x

Where is the money raised going?

We want to be super transparent with you. We understand that it is hard to find trust worthy causes to give your cash to, at RAAH we are super keen to break those fears: (After Fest Costs are covered - Which really isn't that high!) 80% - Evenly shared amongst 20 Charities 10% - Grants for Grassroots & Individuals 10% - RAAH Future (Via RAAH cic) Check out our cost break down in more detail in the link at bottom of the page!

How can I get involved?

There is an intense initiation process in which you must eat 10 Crakers in 1 minute Check this page: We are so grateful for every soul that has contributed to RAAH so far, it takes the hearts of many to create something truly magical.