If you want to smash the system that treats people differently because of the colour of their skin, their background or their situation, then it’s time to join our movement.

RAAH. Fest is solely run by volunteers who give their time and skills to make the movement a success and we’re supported by partners and ambassadors that help us spread the word.

Without the incredible talent of our performers, there’d be no festival. So from musicians to poets, to people who are brave enough to share their heart-breaking stories to inspire others, we want to hear your voice. 

We’re 100% done with inequality, if you are too, then see where you best fit below:

Want to be part of a community that  believes in lifting each other up? Regardless of age, nationality, language, beliefs - if you agree with our values of equality for all, then the RAAH family is where you should be!

We’ve partnered with some pretty great companies/organisations. If you want to do something good and add your name to the RAAH Hall of Fame, just get in touch with Beau on

Become a Friend of RAAH. Fest. We understand that many of us are busy being superheroes in our own lives. We don't ask for too much, as long as we know you believe in movement for equality - this is super valuable to us!

Whether you decide to keep it anonymous or not. Every voice is valuable!

If you need help with expressing your experiences, we have professionals ready to amplify your voice in various creative forms!

Let's get the world listening ...

Got a talent to share for next year's festival? Or for us to share over the next year on our socials? Let's do it!


We can't wait to hear from you!